Location Change Announcement

Effective August 2, 2021, Heart and Soul Reflexology will be relocating to Stillwater!!

The new location address is: 1903 Greeley Street, Suite 206, Stillwater, MN The building is right off Hwy 36 (next to the Lake Elmo Bank).

PLEASE NOTE: There is no elevator in the building, so unfortunately, I will not be able to see clients not able to take the stairs (there is the option for home sessions if this is an inconvenience).

Any appointments booked August 2nd or after will be at this NEW LOCATION. Stay tuned for further updates about location and hours in the near future. We are very excited about this new location, and hope you will be too!

Welcome to Heart and Soul Reflexology!

We are so glad you are visiting Heart and Soul Reflexology.

We are so thankful that we can assist you with overall wellness.  To book an appointment, PLEASE CLICK HERE!  If you’d like to speak to Deb prior to making an appointment, you can find her phone number under the Contact tab on this webpage!

Why Holistic Modalities?

The body’s natural state is health and vibrancy. It automatically knows how to heal itself. This incredible intelligence works independently of your mind.

Disease in the body often shows us what needs work and what we still need to learn. Because energy flows to where attention goes, it is a powerful force. Healing modalities (Healing energy), activates and energizes the body’s natural ability to heal.

Healing modalities help clear negative emotional and mental thought patterns. Unexpressed emotions can get stuck in the body tissue. Ruminating over what happened in the past and feeling anxiety over the future creates monkey chatter in the brain! When this chatter goes on and on, without your taking time to meditate or calm the mind, creates a blockage. I refer to this “blockage” as a little dam, in what should be a flowing river of energy. When energy can’t flow through that area effectively, we often feel stuck and wonder if we could ever rid ourselves of these thoughts and feelings.

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