Why I Chose Young Living!

Why Young Living compared to ALL the other essential oils that are out there on the market?  
Good question!  Back in 2007 when I began my reflexology business, I began my research on essential oils as I knew I wanted to incorporate them into my business, even though it would cost me additional $$ to do so! In 2009 when I was diagnosed with Lupus, this research went deeper as I refused to take the toxic medications for this nasty disease, and instead turned to essential oils. My research led me to a couple of companies, and of the two, I chose Young Living! I completely believe in the power of essential oils to aid the body in doing it’s healing and I have not been disappointed! To this date, I do not take any medications for Lupus, but instead monitor my body through “listening” to how I am feeling and doing frequent ZYTO Compass Scans.  It wasn’t only the using of the Young Living oils and products on myself that convinced me! There is much research out there that only you can do to convince yourself which oil to be using. Remember, whatever you put on your body, goes into your body! Your skin is your largest organ! That is why we must be diligent in learning about what is in ALL the products that we use (Lotions, Hair Products, toothpaste, cleaning products, just to name a few!). For example, did you know that most over the counter toothpastes still contain Triclosan? Triclosan was banned by the FDA in hand soaps, but not in products like toothpaste that are quickly absorbed in our by bodies orally! Do not trust organizations like the FDA… do your own research!

So, back to the question, “Why Young Living Essential Oils”?  I found this blog entry from May 1, 2106 that pretty much says it all! Read it, do some more research and think about what you need to do to continue to help your body be healthy! We are the only ones that can be responsible for what goes “in and on” our bodies. Will you make the right choices or leave it up to someone else?

 Deb Sagisser, NBCR
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