iTOVI Scan

What is an iTOVi?
What is an iTOVi you may ask? It is a body scanning device that accurately measures the frequency response to your body. Keep reading and let’s explain in more detail.

Heart and Soul Reflexology Hudson Wi The iTOVi scanner is a pocket-sized tool that helps decipher what specific Young Living products our body needs for optimal health and nutrition. It literally takes out the guessing game of what [we] need by listing up to 10 products the preferred company offers; I.E. essential oils + nutritional supplements.

How iTOVi Scans Work
Everything is energy and everything is vibrating a particular frequency. The iTOVi scanner sends a frequency to your body and your body reacts through the technology called bioimpedance. Bioimpedance is a well established technology. You may recognize it best in such uses at the pulse and step checker bracelets you commonly see people wearing, such as in a FitBit. The process involves passing a small electrical current through the skin. (It is painless and I don’t even notice the current). The machine can measure a reaction through how well your skin resists or does not resist the electrical current.

The frequency is sent to the body and then the iTOVi body scanner helps to determine your body’s reaction to the frequency of vitamins, supplements and of course essential oils.
The idea is that you can support the body through a product that Young Living carries with a product that will give you a similar response. These customized reactions can help customize your body’s nutrition and support your overall wellness.

What are Biopoints?
iTOVi accurately displays your body’s reactions to the iTOVi biopoints and Young Living (or your company’s) products. The biopoints are measured and ranked. The iTOVi scanner uses an algorithm to determine which biopoints are considered unresolved. If a client has 180 biopoints unresolved and another client has 65 unresolved biopoints, the difference is that one person had a more extreme reaction to the biomarkers than the other. It does not mean one is more unhealthy than the other. The amount of unresolved biopoints is not a health score and can change from scan to scan.

Who Can Use the iTOVi?
The iTOVi scanner is completely safe for all ages. Children, pregnant women, and even people with cardiac issues, can safely use the iTOVi scanner.

How Often Can You Scan?
iTOVi recommends allowing your supplements time to work with your body. With some individuals it can take between 30-45 days to see a change in your iTOVi scan report. If you are scanning for essential oils you may consider scanning more often.

Looking At A Scan Report
After scanning you will receive a scan report. It has a scoring circle which indicates your body’s overall unresolved biopoint score. There are a total of 273 biopoints that are analyzed in this extensive body composition analysis. You will include your age, height and weight for the most accurate of results. The report shows the score of unresolved biopoints and a suggested supporting product. You can also tap on the product for a product summary for your individualized results.

An iTOVi scan can be scheduled in my clinic, on-line, or if you prefer a home scan, call me at 651-283-6942.

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