Unexpectedly Healing in So Many Ways
AAA++ Heart and Soul Reflexology started out by providing me a clean and comfortable atmosphere. I was welcomed Deb, a licensed Reflexologist. She asked about my goals for the session and any health issues. When we first started, she explained what area she was working on and why. I just enjoyed the session and nearly fell to sleep. I loved it. Deb reminded me to drink water to get rehydrated. I had a wonderful night sleep, great circulation, and happy feet, my goals achieved.

Reflexology that works
Heart and Soul Reflexology is my favorite place to go to feel better. Deb is professional, thorough and knowledgeable. She starts the session just talking about what is going on in my life and helps me put together a goal beyond just relaxing. I have had reflexology in other cities across the U.S and by far, Deb is the best practitioner I have had.

Deb is awesome! We will be back!
I brought my dad who has Parkinson’s and neuropathy to see if he would get some relief. Deb was so great about asking questions, explaining everything she would do and why, and giving us tips that he could do at home. Although he’s a sceptic of the relationship between pressure points on the feet and the rest of your body’s health, I think he’s feeling the results. He will be back, as will I!

Try the Biomat too!
Deb does an amazing job at creating a clean safe relaxing environment. Her skills are terrific and have made a positive difference in my well-being.

Great experience
Deb is such a professional, but also such a caring person. It was a wonderful session. Deb also reminded me to drink water to get rehydrated.

Reflexology is not a foot massage…it’s much more!
If you’ve not experienced reflexology, it is not a foot massage. Plantar fasciitis and a birthday gift is what brought me to Deb, but I booked 6 more visits after the first. She has a very comfortable, clean space and explains what she’ll be doing after she learns about your health issues/goals. Then you relax while she works her magic on each pressure point… aaaaahhhhh! RELAX

Great Appointment with Deb
As always it was a great experience. Deb is so caring and is an excellent reflexologist. She is so willing to take time to discuss everything.

If you have never- GO!
Deb was kind, thorough and informative. Her skills are incredible – it took one visit to realize how helpful this treatment will be for my plantar fasciitis, leg pain, foot pain, low back issues…. and more. I have booked more visits already- thanks Deb!

Lovely experience
Deb has a lovely, peaceful space. We reviewed my goals for the session and benefits of treatment before starting. I didn’t realize how much reflexology helps circulation. My feet felt terrific, tingly and happy after the session (much appreciated as I spend so much time on them & they often hurt!) In the evening the effects were still apparent as I felt lots of energy moving through my body, which often happens when I receive deep healing work. I will be back!

Great experience
She did an amazing job and offered advice on what I can do to improve what is troubling me. The session was a good one.

I need to come in more often
Deb is excellent at reflexology. I slept like a baby and I can feel my body restore itself. I can feel results same day and I need to make reflexology more of a priority in my life. I highly recommend Deb as she is extremely passionate and knowledgeable.

Full body experience
Heart and Soul Reflexology may seem to focus on your feet utilizing the many benefits of reflexology… But she also utilizes oils that are prescriptive in nature to deal with where you are today body and mind. My whole body felt better and I continue to feel healthier several days after our session. I recommend Heart & Soul completely! The name so fits what you do. Thank you Deb!!

Wonderful Experience at Heart and Soul Reflexology
My mom and I both went to see Deb. We both had a wonderful experience and walked out with happy feet and very encouraged. Deb is so easy to talk to. Deb is helping my mom with an issue and is so kind and helpful. Deb is so good to explain what area she is working on to help what we have discussed.

Changes after first meeting
After going over my concerns and health issues, with the goals, Deb explained how and why reflexology. I was able to relax during our session, something that I have a difficult time doing. It was amazing. After reminding me to drink water to stay hydrated that evening, I was able to sleep that night as well. Better than I have in many years. Working on having happy feet to help achieve my health goals.

Deb is professional and through in her knowledge and practice of reflexology and use of Essential Oils. It is a pleasure meeting with her for consultations and treatment with amazing results.

The best 60 minutes all week
I booked a 60-minute reflexology appointment on a whim, and I’m so glad I was able to get in. I didn’t have a specific issue or concern as I headed into the appointment, but after just talking with Deb for 5 minutes she saw what I needed. I went into a deep relaxation and even caught myself snoring once or twice. After the session was done, I felt healed in areas of my body, mind and soul that I didn’t even realize needed it. I made another appointment for a month later. Absolutely fabulous.

Absolutely amazing!!!
I highly recommend Heart and Soul reflexology. It is not only relaxing but also therapeutic. She is so knowledgeable about natural healing. A++++

Wonderful as always!!
The reflexology service that Deb provides is amazing! She makes you relaxed and comfortable. She is always open to give you feedback and helpful insights. Thank you!

Amazing experience
This was better than a massage! Deb explained everything thoroughly and it is not only relaxing but healthy forty your whole body. I will be going back in a few weeks for another session.

Heart and Soul
I have MS and a friend took me to see Deb for my birthday over 7 years ago. I have been seeing her every three weeks since! Reflexology and Young Living Oils are a part of my routine to stay healthy and to keep moving every day. My body lets me know that it is time to see Deb again and get some relief. She is a wonderful person and loves sharing her gift. Thank you Deb!

Very Knowledgeable!
Deb is simply Amazing! I’ve used Young Living Oils for two years. During my Reflexology Session with Deb she really expanded my knowledge of oils and offered so many wonderful suggestions. The session was so relaxing! I’m hooked!

Deb is awesome and the session I had with her was just what I needed after a difficult week. She is really helpful and really cares about you

Knowledgeable & Professional
This was my first session with Deb. I found her to be extremely knowledgeable and professional. She is continually researching medical issues and really cares about her clients and their health. She was spot on with identifying my issues just by working on my feet. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Thank you, Deb for the amazing session. I look forward to more!

Gifted Touch
Deb has such insight into what will be healing and ideas afterwards to continue my healing! I highly recommend everyone to make an appointment and try it yourself!

Deb is amazing at dialing into your concerns and treating you accordingly. She is very informative and she is sure to share any other tips that may help facilitate your progress!

First Reflexology Experience
My first reflexology experience was at Heart & Soul Reflexology with Deb. It was amazing. Very relaxing but also very informative. She said her goal was to put me to sleep but I was asking too many questions! I was amazed at how knowledgeable Deb was. I will definitely be going back.

The time and money spent was well worth it.
My first experience with Deb and she was AWESOME. Felt great. Looking into the products to help educated myself in the oil world. Thanks Again DEB:)

My First Session
This treatment was a positive surprise. The introductory session certificate was given to me as a birthday present. I told Deb that I was a sceptic and would see how it worked. Well, I am a believer now. The next day most of my discomfort was gone. I will look forward to another session!

Another amazing session with Deb. We always have good conversation after she wakes me up from snoring. So relaxing and healing.

Thank you
A wonderful time of relaxation. I also really enjoyed the oils she used and the peppermint opened up my sinus and helped me relax. Thanks.

<strong>Wonderful experience
I was recently diagnosed with arthritis in my feet. It was such a painful experience and there seemed to be no relief, until I had reflexology with Deb. It was an amazing experience and helped me tremendously. I give Deb my highest recommendation. I will be going back.

Healing Reflexologist
Deb is very good at what she does. She has the healing touch! She will have your best health at heart the minute you walk into her office until you leave. She also offers different modalities to aide in getting to and maintaining a heathy body. Highly recommended.

Great treatment
I had my first reflexology treatment yesterday and it was great! I felt amazing and would love to see Deb again next month. She did a great job of explaining what she was going to do and I think I fell asleep during the treatment!

Deb did a wonderful job of reducing the swelling in my foot along with the pain. Did it professionally along with wonderful advice to continue the healing process after I left. First time in due to the foot trauma but I will be back without the injury. Very relaxing!!!

Great work!!
Very informative, comfortable and relaxing. I would recommend Deb to family and friends any day. Thank you!

Informative and relaxing
Deb is an excellent holistic practitioner, she is very knowledgeable and has a great calming personality. I went in with some sciatic pain and felt 100 times better afterward. I will visit her again. If your skeptical about reflexology. Don’t be it will make you feel Better without question. Just do it

Deb does an excellent job, balancing health and relaxation. I appreciate her tips and I feel immensely better in the days following my reflexology sessions.

Great information
Thank you so much for spending the time with me to explain the diffuser and all the different oils. I set the diffuser up yesterday and am using lavender – it’s so calming. I am brushing my teeth with Thieves – it’s actually quite refreshing.

Young Living Oils Consultation
Thanks so much for your patience and the time you spent with me. I feel more comfortable beginning this journey and know that I can always reach out to you if I have additional questions.

Thanks for the help!
Deb, thank you for walking me through the ordering process and the information on my specific questions. I love the oils.

Post Surgery and More
Following surgery for a Morton’s Neuroma I treated with Deb to help in the healing process. It really helped with what felt like a ball in the area of the surgery. My foot is now 100% healed. I’m back to see her because the OTHER foot is giving me problems and so we are taking a more preventative approach this time. Deb is always extremely helpful and caring.

Relief of aching Achilles tendon
I received a reflexology treatment from Deb Sagisser for an aching Achilles tendon. I was very pleased at the results. After only 1 day my tendon and feet and legs felt so much better. I would recommend Deb to anyone. She takes great time with her clients and is very professional.

Soooooooo Relaxing
Deb did an excellent job of explaining the concept and benefits of reflexology. I felt so relaxed afterward, and my lower back pain actually felt some relief after my foot massage. The only downside is that you can’t stay and take a nap at the end of the session.

I was hesitant to have another reflexology appointment as I have had them in the past and they were very painful. That was not the case with Deb. She was gentle but firm and there was no pain at all. It was relaxing and Deb was right-on with letting me know what the feet are telling her about my body. I see how this will benefit my health and I am looking forward to my next appointment.

Deb is the best. She puts you at ease. I was so relaxed and left feeling refreshed. I should make this a regular part of my routine.

Alternative Healing
Deb, thank you for fitting me in with my crazy schedule. What a wonderful appointment. I feel much better! Also, thank you on the education of other oils I can utilize. I love natural healing alternatives. Kerry and I have both enjoyed all the oils in our kit and the diffuser. See you soon!

Health Benefits
No question that reflexology is relaxing, but the benefits are much more than just that. Deb is extremely knowledgeable and helpful in deciphering my health issues and providing a meaningful session. I feel relaxed and relieved of those issues and leave with a plan for how to ease those in my daily life. My sessions with Deb are about my whole well-being. I would recommend Deb as part of a holistic approach to good health.

Meaningful visit
I had another great session with Deb. She was very pleasant, professional, and knowledgeable about reflexology and essential oils. It was good to learn from her while getting toxins released from my hands and feet. I would recommend her to anyone. Thanks. Jay
Great Place!
I was referred to Deb by a friend to do the zyto scan. I was very impressed on the scan’s accuracy and Deb’s knowledge of the oils! 🙂

I loved my first session with Deb!
I saw Deb for the first time just after Thanksgiving. I was familiar with massage and chiropractic, but I had never tried reflexology before. I came to Deb for digestive issues, and my session definitely helped. I noticed less GI pain that same day and could tell that she got my lymph fluid moving again. I was 10 minutes late to my appointment, but she graciously gave me the full time – and then some. I left her office feeling relaxed and pampered. I will be back!

From the warm greeting and a calming therapy room I recommend Deb and her healing hands.
I chose the Rainbow treatment and loved all the various oils that were massage into my feet. It is amazing how much tension was held in them. Today my feet feel more flexible and so soft.

What a gift!
What a blessing to know Deb and to be able to enjoy the gift she has of reflexology! I fall asleep every time I have a reflexology session! It is so relaxing! She is a walking dictionary when it comes to essential oils and knowing what to use for specific symptoms/issues. Thanks Deb!

Love Young Living!
I am so blessed Deb introduced me to Young Living Oils, they have changed my life 🙂 I am also so grateful that Deb is so patient with my understanding of the business and education aspects of Young Living.

I feel so calm and relaxed after!
I had my sister’s wedding the weekend prior and my feet hurt SO bad, the only healing I wanted and craved was Deb’s hands and the amazing Young Living oils 🙂

Love Peppermint Oil on my Feet!
Came in right after suffering a migraine and with the relaxation and peppermint oil I was all better and did not suffer a rebound headache! All better!

July 15th session
Having Deb apply her knowledge of healing oils and peppermint to my feet and ankles was wonderful. Struggling with MS and getting more feeling in my feet is a real treat! Thanks Deb!!!

A wonderful experience
This was my first time and thoroughly enjoyed Deb with all her expertise. Oh, my body says so too. Hope to have another appointment this winter.

Good at what she does, a natural healer
I am a replete client of Heart & Soul Reflexology. I started when I was looking for something different from a body worker so I gave reflexology a try. I liked it and now I make monthly treatments a regular part of my healthy lifestyle. Highly recommended.

Heart and Soul Reflexology
Knowledgeable wellness information along with caring expertise in Reflexology. A wonderful gift to give yourself or for someone you care about.

Wonderful reflexology!
Reflexology with Deb is rejuvenating and relaxing. She does a wonderful job with the entire experience and I highly recommend her.

Wonderful !!!
My experience at Heart and Soul was outstanding. I left feeling more refreshed than I had in years! Highly recommend to anyone!

Wonderful experience!
I would highly recommend Deb at Heart and Soul Reflexology. This was my first reflexology session. She was extremely informative, easy to talk to and created a relaxing environment. I was very comfortable! I will definitely go back. Thank you!

Healing session
I came in 2 days after having dental surgery with lots of inflammation. Deb’s gentle hands and expertise did wonders for the swelling, my pain and gave me healing encouragement. She’s an expert in what she does with such a caring attitude. Thank you!

Felt great afterwards
I came in with as a skeptic with no experience in Reflexology and now want it every month! Loved it!

My husband and I both find reflexology with Deb, to be very therapeutic being we both have occupations that require long periods of standing on our feet. Thanks Deb, it was great seeing you again!

Friendly and very relaxing!
My treatment was extremely relaxing. Deb was very friendly and informative and showed genuine care and concern for my health and needs.

Hudson resident
This was not just a foot massage. It was the most relaxing experience for me – mentally and physically. I felt the effects of the experience long after it was over. I will definitely return.

So Relaxing!!!
Deb takes great care to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. The heated bed, the wonderful relaxing scents and the soft oils she uses are sure to get you to a state of peace and relaxation. You will leave peaceful and completely transformed.

Awesome Massage
Therese ALWAYS does a fantastic job and gets my body back in great shape! Just what I needed to have a relaxing weekend!

Raindrop and Reflexology
I thoroughly enjoyed this session with Deb! The essential oils and her healing touch on my feet were so relaxing and invigorating I actually felt “light on my feet” afterwards for the entire day! I even loved the aroma of my socks that lingered in them from the oils! Thank you, Deb, I will be back for this therapy again soon.

My first experience with Deb was great and I will be back. It really helped me feel a lot better and Deb is very knowledgeable and professional. Highly recommended.

Great Experience!
This was my first reflexology experience ever! Deb is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about what she does! I left feeling a perfect combination of relaxed and refreshed!

Another wonderful appointmentt
Another great reflexology appointment by Deb! Always seems to work the bad stuff out. Thank you Deb you are always so kind, helpful and generous!

Knows her stuff!
Deb knows her stuff…a real expert in reflexology. I traveled 45 minutes to see her, specifically. Highly recommend her expertise and warm nurturing reflexology!

A fabulous experience
I have severe foot problems and have a hard time walking. 3 weeks of physical therapy and hardly any improvement. 1 hour with Deb working on my feet and I can actually chase the dogs again. 1 week later they still feel good. I’ll be back. Thanks Deb.

Five Stars
Wonderful treatment!!! Deb’s reflexology treatment made me feel like dancing. Also, her insight on Essential oils was very exciting to learn.

I learn important health info each time I am with Deb. Her desire to see me at optimum health moves me to action. Each session with Deb is invigorating as it is soothing.

I have had two reflexology appointments with Deb. I feel that it has really helped. I am also a believer of the young living oils! Many Thanks!

Relaxing Therapy
As a licensed massage therapist & having had training in reflexology, I found Deb’s hands-on treatment to be more profound & relaxing than I expected; I even snoozed a bit. Previous experiences with other reflexologists had me rising from the table in pain. I was surprised to find my stamina/energy much improved & was able to check chores off my list quickly that weekend. The essential oils she used no doubt assisted with this dramatic improvement. A huge blessing. Thank you.

I am a returning customer who finds Deb understands and supports my body with what I need on each visit. Thank you!

What relief!
After a long winter, l rushed out for lovely walks on concrete in shoes that didn’t quite fit. Painful tendonitis in my heel left me limping and miserable. Deb’s reflexology on both feet brought immediate relief. She gave excellent advice on home care for follow-up. Deb has sought out extensive training in reflexology. Her expertise along with her dedicated heart and soul brings great results. One hour with Deb relieved my pain when two weeks of self-care did not. Thanks, Deb!

Thank you Deb!
Deb has magic hands!!! 🙂 My session was very relaxing and really helped my tired, swollen, 9 months pregnant feet! I will be making regular appointments with Deb even after pregnancy to help with my overall well-being and stress reduction. Overall my session was just fantastic and the first time I had experienced reflexology. The essential oils she used were terrific as well. Thanks again Deb!!! 🙂

Thanks Deb
What a wonderful experience! Deb was very caring and kind. I could tell she really wanted to make a difference in her client’s lives. My session was so relaxing. It was just what I needed to reduce the stress we feel on a daily basis. Thanks Deb!! God bless you in all that you do!

Great Experience
My session with Deb was a very enlightening experience. I enjoyed the wonderful relaxed atmosphere and her calm and soothing voice and demeanor. I learned so much and felt so relaxed and “put together” when I left. I will return again. Deb is an informative and very caring individual. It was a pleasure to have this reflexology session. My friend and I agreed that this was something well worth the time and money. Thank you, Deb!

I had my first 1-hour long session with Deb recently and it was amazing!! I felt so relaxed on the table and energized after I left. Deb’s knowledge of the body is impressive and I love how she incorporates essential oils into the session as well. For the first time in 1 1/2 years I was able to pop my own ankle that has been stuck since I broke it. I will be back again soon! I also booked an appointment for my husband before I left. 🙂

Great session
Deb was nice to be with. She is not only a proficient reflexologist but an excellent educator. I learned a lot. She shares from lessons she has learned from her own experience. I recommend her to anyone. Jay

I enjoyed my first reflexology appointment tremendously. Deb does not only treat you with her amazing touch, but she also educates you on reflexology and shows you how to do certain treatments on yourself. She is such a talented and caring person. I can’t wait to go back!!!

1/2 hour is not long enough!!
After not seeing Deb since March! I was so happy to have her work on me and it was very therapeutic. Thank you Deb!

Wonderful Treatment
What a great experience with Deb! I really enjoyed learning about Reflexology and how it can help me. I look forward to future treatments!

I stand on my feet for my job as a stylist, and I can’t wait to receive my reflexology treatment from Deb. My feet feel renewed. I recommend this treatment to anyone who has long hours standing! It’s something everyone should do for themselves!

Deb is a gifted and talented reflexologist! I can’t believe how wonderful I felt after just one treatment. Relaxing, healing, and amazing! I highly recommend Deb and cannot wait to see her again!

Great Experience
Deb is very good at what she does. She takes a lot of pride in her line of work and is very knowledgeable about Reflexology. I love their office building it is very quiet and relaxing. Deb does a great job at explaining things and answering any questions. I would highly recommend Deb to anyone. Whether you are just starting out or already know about the art of Reflexology, Deb will give you the best experience!

Great source of comfort
Deb, your knowledge of the subject is undeniable, but your even greater skill is heartfelt compassion. Blessings to you!

Just what I needed!
Thanks for the great session! It was relaxing and a peace filled setting. You are talented. I’ll be back!

Exceeded Expectations
Deb is extremely knowledgeable, professional and kind. I really enjoyed my experience and look forward to going again. I highly recommend making an appointment with her.

Very relaxing and healing process. Perfect solution during a time of extreme stress. Deb is extremely knowledgeable, professional and helpful.

Wonderful experiencee
I so enjoyed my session with Deb. Amazing how good my feet and the rest of me feel. It is a fabulous environment in which to totally relax. Deb is so personable, I feel so comfortable talking or relaxing. I completely recommend this service. I am putting it on my wellness routine. Thanks Deb.

Thanks I needed that!
not only did deb make me feel special, i appreciated her candid conversation letting me see the real deb behind the expert—-she listened to all my woes and shared how alternative therapies have helped her family—-very loving and kind person—-my body and feet feel great! —-thank you deb!—

More than pampering…
Helped out with few grad parties over the weekend and felt ready to drop on Monday. I deserved some healthy pampering so called to make an appointment. Deb was very thorough in her approach to making my whole body feel relaxed. Still feeling great today.

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