Heart & Soul Reflexology Services & Policies

All reflexology services begin with stretching of the feet and finish with the application of a refreshing steamed towel. A reflexology session is YOUR time. Regardless of the session description, you can set your session to be what you want… all feet, all hands, or a combination of hands, feet and ears.

Introductory Session ($55)
This session is for FIRST-TIME clients of Heart and Soul Reflexology. The session will include a full Intake interview, an overview of Reflexology, and a 45-minute Reflexology session.

60-Minute Reflexology Session ($70)
60-minutes of foot reflexology or you can break down the time between hands and feet. Foot Reflexology will only be done if this is your first visit.

90-Minute Reflexology Session ($95)
A great opportunity to combine feet, hands, and ears for rejuvenation and healing – you choose the combination. This session offers a wonderful sense of relief and relaxation on top of healing from the inside out!

Senior (70+) 60-Minute Reflexology Session ($55.00)
60-minutes of foot reflexology at a discounted rate for Seniors 70+

Senior (70+) 90-Minute Reflexology Session ($85.00)
90-minutes of foot reflexology at a discounted rate for Seniors 70+

BioMat ($20)
You can enhance any reflexology session with the RichWay BioMat! The BioMat will help with relaxing your muscles via Far Infrared Red heat. Simply lying on the BioMat promotes a feeling of well-being for a healthier mind and body.

iTOVI Scan ($20)
The iTOVI Scanis a body scanning device that accurately measures the frequency response to your body. Everything is energy and everything is vibrating a particular frequency. The iTOVi scanner sends a frequency to your body and your body reacts through the technology called bioimpedance. Bioimpedance is a well established technology. You may recognize it best in such uses at the pulse and step checker bracelets you commonly see people wearing, such as in a FitBit. The process involves passing a small electrical current through the skin. (It is painless and I don’t even notice the current). The machine can measure a reaction through how well your skin resists or does not resist the electrical current. The frequency is sent to the body and then the iTOVi body scanner helps to determine your body’s reaction to the frequency of vitamins, supplements and of course essential oils.

On-line Scheduling
The convenience of 24/7 on-line scheduling, simply click the “book now” button to browse available times and schedule appointments as far as 2 months in advance! Or you can call 651-283-6942 to schedule an appointment, purchase a package or a gift certificate.

Cash, Check or Credit Cards Accepted


Payment Options: Cash, credit card, or personal check with current phone number is accepted.

Late Arrivals:
Clients arriving late will be responsible for the entire cost of the services scheduled. When possible, I will allow the full time for completion of services; however, if not, services will end at the scheduled time.

Short-notice Cancellations:
Clients may reschedule appointments on the same day if an opening exists with no cancellation fee. Cancellations made less than 2 hours before the scheduled appointment will be charged a $15 cancellation fee. The only exception to this policy is for emergency situations. Every client is given one ‘FREE’ cancellation, but all fees will apply after the first incident and will be added to the next session.

No Shows:
If a client fails to show up with no notice of cancellation at all, they will be charged 50% of the cost of the services scheduled.

Client Form:
My goal is to provide each client a customized reflexology session. Any information you provide for this endeavor is strictly confidential. A reflexology session can provide deep relaxation that gives the body and mind an opportunity to reduce the negative impacts of stress, although reflexology does not diagnose or treat specific medical conditions.

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